For YEARS the world has been crying out (CRYING OUT, I TELL YOU) for a sarcasm font.

The Internet has stayed quiet.

How many times has this happened, if not to you then to someone you know?


Think about how much less throat punching there could have been if there had been a way for the “Guuuuuurl” to indicate that she was being sarcastic when she said that she was interested in getting busy?

Well now there is! We present to you the Sarcasm Tag!!

No need for the complicated installation of any new fonts on your devices, the ST (Sarcasm Tag) is the new and innovative use of symbols which are present on any Western Keyboard. By simply enclosing your message in double carets (like this: ^^), you can indicate that you sure as hell don’t mean what you’re saying.

So let’s see how that conversation could have gone!


See how much nicer that is? No threats of violence, just a little bit of harmless name-calling . . . with . . . um, the Commander-in-Chief.

OK, so maybe we chose a bad example.

But the theory is sound!

Go! Spread the word! The ST is here to stay, but only if you help! We ^^really want your help^^ really need your help!!